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TGN Consulting puts the ‘pro’ in procurement.

Our vibrant and energetic staff complement has comprehensive experience in heavy industry, including practical experience in international markets. While we are actively sourcing products from China, Europe, India and the USA, our knowledge of transport requirements in Africa means that we can guarantee fast delivery at competitive prices. And that’s why we enjoy regular, return visits from various clients.

We have active agency agreements with:
  • Vega
    • Mill liners and grinding media.
  • Chryso
    • Additives for the cement industry;
    • Grinding additives for cement mills;
    • Additives to enhance concrete properties, such as strengths, setting times, plasticity and more.
  • Loesche
    • Mills;
    • Coal mills;
    • Raw mills for the cement industry.
  • Hytec
    • Hydraulic Equipment
    • Rexroth & Bosch
Speak with us to find out how our experience, expertise and agency agreements allow us to source these typical materials:
  • High- and low voltage cables;
  • Electrical motors;
  • Cement grouts;
  • Electrical switchgear, breakers and relays;
  • PLC’s;
  • Pumps;
  • Fans;
  • Compressors;
  • Motor brushes;
  • Light fittings;
  • Valves;
  • Refurbishment of white metal bearings;
  • General mechanical and electrical tools;
  • Conveyer belting;
  • Instrumentation: level probes and position sensors;
  • Cranes.

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