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TGN Consutling - Prefabricated Housing Suppliers for Africa

TGN Consulting - the engineering and construction industry's leading engineering, procurement, construction, import/export and facilitation expert in Africa.

As an experienced Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Project Management, or EPCM contractor, TGN Consulting excel at:
  • exporting products and services to the engineering industry;
  • designing, project managing and commissioning of mechanical, electrical and civil projects;
  • supply and construction of low cost, prefabricated housing and buildings.
  • design, project management and construction of cement milling plants, cement factories and cement depots throughout Africa
While our specialist EPCM services are available across all related sectors, we have gained expert experience in the cement and mining industries, in addition to the construction of prefabricated housing sectors.

This means that we are adept at fulfilling all your engineering needs, from engineering solutions to engineering supplies; and solving your commercial housing needs, including expat housing, container accommodation, flat-packed housing, construction camps, park homes and housing developments.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist in ensuring the success of your project.

TGN Consulting are official agents for:
Official Agents for VEGA Official Agents for CHRYSO Official Agents for HYTEC


Paenal Canteen & Kitchens -

Pre-fabricated housing -

Kipoi Mining Village -


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